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child custody agreements & modifications Archives

The process of gaining custody of a sibling

If circumstances warrant, a person may ask for custody of a sibling. However, an Oklahoma court will need to make sure that whoever makes the request is financially able to support the sibling and mature enough to do so as well. Sibling custody battles may also be difficult in the event that the child's parent is still alive. In some cases, a parent may voluntarily relinquish custody, which may eliminate the need for a battle.

The advantages of nesting for the children in a divorce

Divorced parents in Oklahoma may be interested in nesting, a relatively new concept to emerge in co-parenting plans. This arrangement flips around the usual concept of co-parenting. In nesting, the parents are the ones who relocate in and out of the home while the kids remain in a stable and familiar environment.

Can I modify our child custody plan in Oklahoma?

Sharing custody of your child with someone else is a years-long process. Unlike other family law issues like divorce or property division, you don't just make a decision and then go your separate ways when you share a child. Parents will continue to be in each other's lives as long as they are in their children's lives.