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The dangerous results of increasing speed limits

Oklahoma residents who are concerned with road safety might be surprised to learn that despite the improvements in safety features in vehicles, the increase in speed limits over the last 20 years have resulted in a significant number of deaths. In fact, according to one study, the 1,900 deaths around the country in 2013 due to the increase in speed limits were about the same as the lives saved from the increased use of airbags.

Economic prosperity blamed for surge in accident deaths

The roads in Oklahoma and other U.S. states have become more congested, and this has led to an alarming increase in traffic accident fatalities. Experts say that Americans are traveling more because the economy is performing well and gas prices are low, and they expect growth to continue for the next few years. This has road safety advocates concerned because advances in vehicle design and safety technology do not seem to be enough to keep road deaths in check.

Caution urged on driverless car testing

Many Oklahoma motorists have likely been following news reports describing the ongoing development of self-driving car technology. Google has been testing autonomous vehicles for quite some time, and other car makers have gotten into the effort as well. For example, Ford Motor Company has announced its intention to have its autonomous vehicles in operation by 2021, backed by a $1 billion investment in an artificial intelligence company.

Nearly 80 percent of drivers engage in road rage

Nearly 80 percent of drivers in Oklahoma and across the U.S. have engaged in some form of road rage during the previous 12 months, if the data revealed by a 2016 study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety continues to hold form. Worse, 4 percent of drivers have gotten out of their car to confront another driver, and 3 percent purposely hit another vehicle.

Good drivers and the three habits they avoid

Most people think they're good drivers but probably aren't. A recent study by an online insurance company published in USA Today put that theory to the test. How did the "average" driver fare, and what habits did the good motorists avoid? The results reveal a perhaps obvious but noteworthy conclusion on how we can all make the road safer.