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What to do after a traffic accident

Anyone can be involved in a traffic accident, and while everyone hopes not to be, it is always a good idea to be prepared and informed about what to do in the event of a collision. There are some steps Oklahoma drivers can take if this happens to them.

Remaining calm after a traffic collision is important. The driver can assess the situation, seek immediate medical help if necessary and assist other people involved in the collision. Another immediate step that should be taken is to gather information about the incident, including getting the name, address, telephone number, license plate and insurance information of the other driver involved as well as the contact information of witnesses to the accident. Some information about the accident site is also a good idea, particularly if the other driver leaves the scene.

Both drivers should also contact their insurance companies, even if it is obvious that only one bears responsibility, such as a driver who ran a red light or who hit the other vehicle from behind. Depending on the type of accident and the damages or injuries involved, police might also be contacted so that there can be a police report. In some instances, doing all this will help build supporting evidence if the case ends up going to court and the victim needs car accident injury legal representation.

After a traffic accident, the victim of the accident might contact a lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit. Whether it is settled or proceeds to trial, a lawyer can assist with gathering supporting evidence.

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