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The process of gaining custody of a sibling

If circumstances warrant, a person may ask for custody of a sibling. However, an Oklahoma court will need to make sure that whoever makes the request is financially able to support the sibling and mature enough to do so as well. Sibling custody battles may also be difficult in the event that the child's parent is still alive. In some cases, a parent may voluntarily relinquish custody, which may eliminate the need for a battle.

If there is a need to go to court to ask for custody, an application should be filed where the child and that child's guardian live. Applications may be filed in whatever jurisdiction is most appropriate if the child doesn't live with his or her guardian. If the person seeking custody is already the legal guardian, an application may be filed wherever that individual lives.

Typically, someone who wishes to adopt a sibling must be over the age of 18 or legally emancipated to do so. Furthermore, the sibling must be under the age of 18 or have some special need to be labeled as a dependent. The courts will be looking for proof that the child has been abused, neglected or is otherwise best served by being in the care of a sibling instead of a parent.

As a child custody case may be complex or full of legal technicalities, it may be in a person's best interest to talk with child custody agreement attorneys. However, court clerks or other relevant legal resources may also be available to help a person who wishes to take custody of a sibling. In most cases, it may be approved if the individual seeking custody is legally independent and can otherwise provide a safe and stable life for a minor brother or sister.

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