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The advantages of nesting for the children in a divorce

Divorced parents in Oklahoma may be interested in nesting, a relatively new concept to emerge in co-parenting plans. This arrangement flips around the usual concept of co-parenting. In nesting, the parents are the ones who relocate in and out of the home while the kids remain in a stable and familiar environment.

There are numerous advantages to nesting that could benefit children and make the divorce process less difficult for them. The parents will be the ones primarily shouldering the burdens of change while the children get to stay in a familiar place. It is likely that children will be able to remain in the same school, keep the same contact with friends and maintain living arrangements in the family home. This consistency is something that many separating parents struggle to give their children during and after the divorce.

In order to make nesting work, divorcing parents will need to have very strong and consistent communication skills. Since they will likely be sharing a house and other property, the divorce must be amicable. The parents may also need to share a second property unless each person can afford to buy their own property while jointly keeping up the marital house.

Nesting is an interesting idea that parents may wish to pursue for the benefit of their children. However, moving forward with a nesting agreement will likely require as much or more legal intervention as a more traditional parenting agreement. The court generally gives parents who can work together broad leeway to make their own arrangements. Proper planning and a solid custody agreement will be vital to ensure that a nesting arrangement lasts. A child custody attorney could help a parent develop a nesting plan.

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