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Good drivers and the three habits they avoid

Most people think they're good drivers but probably aren't. A recent study by an online insurance company published in USA Today put that theory to the test. How did the "average" driver fare, and what habits did the good motorists avoid? The results reveal a perhaps obvious but noteworthy conclusion on how we can all make the road safer.

What makes a good driver?

According to safety experts, a good driver makes the road safer for others. Through a mobile app developed by an insurance company, drivers were able to track their own habits related to speed, acceleration, braking and phone usage. The good news is drivers had an average score of 84 out of 100, or a B letter grade, according to the study. So, what's the bad news?

Unfortunately, drivers still fall into unsafe habits on the road - most commonly speeding and phone usage. Even when drivers knew that their phone was tracking their habits behind the wheel, they still let themselves get distracted by it. Although these two bad behaviors are the most common, are they the most dangerous?

The three most dangerous ways to drive

1. Speeding

Yes, one of the most common behaviors behind the wheel is also one of the most dangerous. According to crash statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 30 percent of fatal accidents involved a driver who was going too fast. Speeding can be tempting on an open highway or when running late, but safe drivers avoid this urge.

2. Drowsy driving

Most Americans don't get enough sleep on a weekly basis. According to USA Today, 1 in 20 drivers admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel. While getting a good night's sleep is often easier said than done, safe drivers know how to maximize safety within their daily habits.

3. Drinking and driving

This behavior is the number one cause of fatalities on the road. Good drivers understand their limits and make arrangements for a sober ride home.

Each of these three behaviors involves some degree of negligence or lack of care. Drivers who are involved in an accident due to another motorist's dangerous driving may have a legal case to claim compensation for medical bills and car repairs.

Everyone probably has room to improve in their driving habits. By recognizing our bad habits behind the wheel, we can make the road safe for all drivers.

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