What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance companies rely upon their ability to minimize the cost of an accident to their clients and injured third parties. Their profit margin is directly tied to limiting the payout on your claims.

Unfortunately, in some cases, insurance carriers engage in bad or illegal actions that give rise to a civil action against the entity for insurance bad faith.

Common Examples Of Bad Faith

Some common examples include:

  • A refusal to pay your claim
  • A failure to conduct a reasonable investigation of your claim
  • A failure to enter into negotiations to settle your claim
  • A failure to pay your claim within a reasonable period of time
  • A failure to offer a reasonable settlement amount for your circumstances

Contact Our Attorneys For Guidance

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Our lawyers have many years of legal experience, many of which have been working and negotiating with insurance carriers regarding auto accident injury compensation, and benefits relating to workplace injuries.

We know the law and can make sure your legal rights are protected and that your future isn't being jeopardized by bad faith actions.

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