Holding Negligent Parties Responsible For Your Injuries

Under the law, individuals injured due to the negligent actions of another person can obtain compensation for their injuries.

This can include injuries caused by negligent:

  • Automobile drivers, who speed, text behind the wheel or drive while intoxicated
  • Tractor-trailer operators, who fail to maintain equipment or remain watchful to others while traveling on public roadways
  • Doctors or hospital staff, who misdiagnose conditions, fail to provide proper treatment, botch surgeries, cause birth injuries or anesthesia mistakes
  • Nursing home staff, who neglect or abuse nursing home residents
  • Property owners, who fail to adequately maintain their premises which cause injury, like slip and falls, to invitees or guests

Wrongful Death Instances

In some cases, an accident goes beyond injury and results in unnecessary death. When this happens, the survivors of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit to recoup funeral and burial costs, lost compensation and other types of damages.

A Legal Team To Help Set Right The Wrong

At Stinnett Law, our attorneys have helped both injured parties and family members (who have lost love ones in tragic personal injury accidents) obtain compensation for their losses. We can help set right the wrong that has been done and hold those responsible for it.

Aggressive Defense Against Insurance Companies Who Use Bad Faith Tactics

In many personal injury cases, insurance companies are involved. And sadly, the goal of the insurance company is not to help you, but to minimize their own losses. Some insurance carriers employ bad faith tactics such as:

  • Wrongfully denying individuals compensation they deserve
  • Offering extremely low settlement amounts
  • Suspending award payments
  • Lying or omitting information to injured parties regarding benefits

With decades of combined legal experience, our lawyers have interacted and negotiated with many different insurance companies through the years. We know the strategies and tactics they use. We will advocate for you and fight to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your situation.

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