Understanding Protective Orders In Creek County

A protective order is a document issued by a civil court that protects an individual from another who means them harm.

Common reasons include preventing further domestic violence or domestic abuse in a relationship, deterring an individual from stalking another person, or keeping a dangerous person who previously caused harm to another at a distance.

If the person who has the protective order issued against them does not abide by the rules set by the order to stop harassing the individual who placed the order, they could face punishment under the law.

Types Of Protective Orders In Oklahoma: Temporary And Permanent

Temporary orders (known as emergency ex parte protective orders) and permanent protective orders are available in the state of Oklahoma.

An emergency ex parte protective order is requested by an individual who is in immediate danger and lasts for 20 days or until the hearing is scheduled. During the hearing, both parties tell their side of the story before a final permanent protection order will be granted. A permanent protection order can last for up to five years, and possibly longer, if there is cause to warrant an extension.

Helping You Get A Protective Order

At Stinnett Law, our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable with many different family law matters, including protective orders. We can help you.

We have assisted individuals in Sapulpa, Creek County and all throughout northeast Oklahoma obtain orders against many parties including:

  • A spouse, ex-spouse or former partner
  • The current spouse of an ex-spouse
  • Parents, grandparents or stepparents
  • Children, stepchildren or grandchildren
  • Any relative related by either blood or marriage
  • Anyone who currently lives in the household

Our experienced lawyers have also assisted those who need assistance enforcing a protective order currently in place.

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