Helping Creek County Citizens With The Paternity Process

In Oklahoma, a father can be granted legal rights over his child if the father is married to the mother when she gives birth. This is known as the "presumption of paternity." However, if the couple is not married when the child is born, there is no presumption of paternity.

In the state of Oklahoma, paternity must be established to recognize the biological father as the legal father. Paternity can be established in a couple of ways.

Two Ways To Establish Paternity In Oklahoma

  1. Signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity: The father can sign what's known as an "Acknowledgement of Paternity," or AOP, declaring that he is in fact the biological father and legal father.
  2. Filing a paternity lawsuit: Another way to establish paternity is by filing a paternity lawsuit. The suit can be filed by either parent. A DNA paternity test is typically ordered to determine the biological father.

The Rights And Responsibilities Of The Parents When Paternity Is Established

When paternity is established, legal rights and obligations of both parties must be ascertained.

This includes child custody and visitation schedules, child support obligations and possible attorney fee reimbursement for monies expended for the procedure.

Issues of property and debt between the couple are not decided in the context of a paternity action.

Experienced Attorneys To Help With Your Paternity Action

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