Modifying Oklahoma Child Custody Orders For Relocating Parents

When couples with children divorce, the final divorce decree typically outlines child custody and visitation arrangements. However, situations change and so do the needs of the parties. Such adjustments in lifestyle often warrant the need to modify an existing child custody arrangement.

One common example involves the relocation of one parent.

Maybe one parent gets a new job in a new city. Perhaps a parent wishes to move closer to family or a partner who lives out of state. Regardless of the reason, the parent wishing to relocate must follow proper procedures before moving.

Oklahoma Procedures For Parents Wishing To Relocate Out Of Creek County

Here are the basic steps to getting approval to alter a present child custody or visitation arrangement:

  • If the relocating parents wishes to move more than 75 miles from the child's current residence, written notice of relocation must be provided to the nonrelocating parent.
  • If the ex-spouse disagrees with the relocation of the child, they must file court proceedings to object to the move.
  • The family court judge will consider factors, such as the child's age and relationship with the relocating parent or the proposed visitation schedule, to determine whether to grant the request to move.
  • The judge may consider the child's preferences in the decision, taking into consideration the age of the child, when making the final decision.

Guidance From Our Family Lawyers At Stinnett Law

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