Helping Creek County Establish Legal Guardianships For Minors And Elderly Adults

There are many reasons why a legal guardianship may be necessary.

For minors, perhaps a guardianship needs to be established if another individual (other than a child's parent) is caring for the minor. Perhaps a guardianship needs to be established to handle the estate (or inheritance) of a minor.

Guardianships for adults may be necessary if the adult is elderly or, because of a medical condition, can no longer make important health care, financial or day-to-day living decisions.

The Guardianship Process

However, creating a guardianship in Oklahoma is a fairly complex procedure.

An individual must appear before the court to establish a legal guardianship for another individual, known as the ward. After hearing the evidence presented in favor of the arrangement, the court will determine if a guardian is necessary, then appoint a guardian and transfer certain responsibilities to that individual.

However, in some cases, there may be opposition to the arrangement. Family members with elderly parents may disagree about whether the guardianship is necessary or even the individual who should be appointed.

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