Five Different Parts To An Oklahoma Divorce

Every state handles divorce and family law matters differently, due to differences in the law and procedures. In the state of Oklahoma, individuals going through a divorce are likely to encounter the following:

1. Categorizing Your Divorce

First, divorcing parties need to categorize their divorce. Most divorces in Oklahoma are "no fault" and filed and granted on the basis of "incompatibility." (Although Oklahoma does allow for "fault-based" divorce, it's not typical or usually helpful).

2. Determining Property And Debt Division

Marital property and debts accumulated during the marriage will need to be divided. In Oklahoma, both property and debts are "equitably" divided between the parties. Equitable division is not a 50/50 split, but what a court considers fair.

3. Child Custody Decisions

If children are involved, child custody matters will need to be decided. The court will base its decision on a principle known as "the best interests of the child." The court looks at certain factors before making a decision. Both physical custody (where the child will reside) and legal custody (issues regarding the health, education, etc.) will be determined.

4. Child Support Amounts

If children are involved, the court will need to make child support determinations. Courts will award child support based on stipulations set forth in the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines take into account various factors, including each party's gross income, number of children of the marriage, number of overnights with each parent, and responsibility for health insurance and child care expenses, among others.

5. Attorney Fee Reimbursements

In certain contested situations where litigation is necessary and ongoing, one party can attempt to seek reimbursement of attorney's fees incurred during the proceeding from the other party.

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