Understanding The Criminal Appeals Process

Going to trial can be a risky nightmare for a family. Losing a trial is the nightmare come true. At Stinnett Law, we offer earnest and determined representation for clients whose freedom was lost at trial. The statutory appeals process in Oklahoma is a labyrinth of complicated and time-sensitive rules. Don't leave navigating that statutory scheme to just any attorney, trust the experienced attorneys at Stinnett Law.

Top Five Ways Your Conviction Can Be Overturned

1. Legal or procedural errors – Once judgment has been delivered in trial court, any errors found within the criminal procedure process could warrant grounds for appeal.

2. Jury misconduct – If a member of the trial jury violates the law of the Oklahoma court system or commits misconduct — either while the court is in session or after a verdict has been reached — there could be grounds for appeal.

3. Prosecutorial misconduct – If the prosecution commits an intentional, illegal act — especially if the prosecutor attempts to sway the jury to wrongly convict a defendant or to impose a more stringent punishment on a defendant than is necessary — this could be grounds for appeal.

4. Ineffective assistance of counsel – Legal representation can vary in effectiveness. Having effective counsel is the constitutional right of every United States citizen as established by the Sixth Amendment. If it is legally established that a defendant's counsel has not provided the best representation during a court trial, then an appeal may be filed in the state of Oklahoma.

5. New evidence – New evidence or new witnesses can call into question the veracity of a prior criminal ruling, as this type of new evidence can provide, for example, verification that a defendant was at another location when accused of a crime. If new evidence comes to light, an appeal can be granted under limited circumstances.

Each of these pathways requires an in-depth understanding of the law surrounding appeals in Oklahoma and in the Federal system.

Guidance From A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been convicted and have doubts about the way your trial was handled, reach out to our lawyers at Stinnett Law. We have handled appeals for crimes ranging from murder to simple misdemeanors. Our firm provides an entire new investigation into your case and builds your defense from the ground up. We can talk about your case, your concerns and help you determine whether pursuing an appeal is appropriate. If you decide an appeal is necessary, we will gladly fight for you.

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