Helping Creek County Residents Obtain Recourse For Police And Government Misconduct

Understanding A Civil Rights Lawsuit

Under federal law, individuals are authorized to file civil actions against persons acting under "color of law" for deprivation or violation of constitutional or other federal rights including:

  • Freedom of speech rights under the First Amendment
  • Freedom of expressing religion under the First Amendment
  • Freedom of assembly under the First Amendment
  • Protections from unwarranted searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment
  • Protection from cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment
  • Protection against due process violations under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments

This law was passed in an effort to prevent oppressive, overreaching conduct by police officers, correctional officers and other government officials.

Complex Cases That Require Experienced Legal Representation

These types of case, unfortunately, are highly complex and involve an in-depth analysis of federal statutory law that is often intertwined with case law.

At Stinnett Law, our attorneys are among the few attorneys in Oklahoma with knowledge and experience litigating civil rights claims against police and other government officials.

We have handled cases involving:

  • False imprisonment or false arrest by police officers
  • Excessive or unreasonable force by police officers
  • Malicious prosecution

Many of our clients died, or were severely injured, in jails or prisons. Some of our clients faced abuse in educational institutions.

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If a police officer or anyone acting in a governmental capacity has deprived you or your loved one of your civil rights under the United States Constitution, or you were the victim of police brutality, do not hesitate to call our law firm today.

We can set up a consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss the situation and potential legal recourse options available.

We handle cases for those in Creek County and throughout northeast Oklahoma.